Corporate Event Planning
Let our party planners, who have endless ideas, help you put together your best ever Christmas party, corporate function, or product launch.

The Wharf is an amazing waterfront venue – beautiful in its own right – but sometimes your corporate function or event requires a certain je ne sais quoi for ultimate impact… and finding the right idea isn’t always easy.

This is where our dedicated conference planning professionals shine: providing corporate event planning expertise to ensure your conference or function not only runs smoothly, but leaves a lasting impression on your guests, business partners and clients for all the right reasons.

Imagine hosting a Winter Wonderland Christmas party for your staff and clients at The Wharf – complete with spectacular ice sphere feature, and aerial performers dressed in white and body painted in detail, suspended from the ceiling while wowing your guests with an incredible aerial ribbon performance?

The opportunities for creativity and innovation are endless at The Wharf. Our corporate event planning team can offer a range of ideas and options to give your event that personal touch. Contact The Wharf conference planner now to discuss your event requirements, and explore how we can make your corporate event planning a cinch.

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