Known as Auckland's ultimate dining and party destination and frequently referred to as the best venue in New Zealand, The Wharf is the favourite location for celebrities and A-listers alike from to celebrate their private events.

With a world-class designer interior & stunning location it is regularly chosen as the setting for high profile television shows and photo shoots, for international stars as Tyra Banks through to NZ television series Go Girls & New Zealand's Next Top Model.

"It's hard not to gush about how good The Wharf is as a venue. It is by far the best in Auckland. Party of the week doesn't come close to describing it! The best venue, best cocktails, best music and the best quality and looking crowd Auckland has on it's A List. Not only this, but the food was exquisite. With the sun shining and a balmy evening, The Wharf is better than Icebergs, and that's a big call." D. Mark Harrison, The A-List


In 1971 the restaurateur Bob Sell completed the original building in 'Auckland's best location' and christened it 'Fisherman's Wharf'.

The venue quickly gained a reputation as Auckland's finest dining establishment complete with a grand piano for entertaining guests as they dined.

It was 'the place to go' with many a marriage proposal and first date played out at Fisherman's Wharf.

Auckland's ultimate location, it had long been a diamond in the rough until it was completely re-built and given a new lease of life in 2007.

Taking two years of planning and total redevelopment from top to bottom, with an extensive multi million dollar refurbishment inside and out, it was renamed The Wharf. It has become Auckland's most luxurious venue.